Siobhan McNally


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Siobhan McNally is a columnist and lifestyle journalist for the Daily Mirror.

Every Thursday in the paper’s Diary of a Single Mum, Siobhan writes about her chaotic life with her eight-year-old daughter Jesse. The two of them have been alone since Siobhan’s husband and Jesse’s daddy David was killed in a motorbike crash in 2010.

What started as a wistful account of how she and baby Jesse coped in the long, dark years after David’s death, has grown into a wry commentary about losing arguments to a cheeky eight-year-old and how Netflix basically fills the void where her love life used to be.

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Siobhan also writes funny and irreverent features on dating, parenting, celebrities and fashion, and can always be relied on for a forthright news opinion on the things that matter – and plenty that don’t.